Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boxer Places 'Hold' on Bryza Nomination: An Excerpt from a Message by Ken Hachikian, Chairman of the ANCA

Senator Boxer placed a "hold" on Matt Bryza's confirmation as Ambassador to Azerbaijan . Her stand represents a powerful symbol of how thoughtful Senators and active citizens can ensure that U.S. diplomacy is driven by American values, not special interests. 

On Monday of this week The Wall Street Journal was on the offensive, unfairly attacking Senator Boxer for daring to question Bryza's nomination. In a mean-spirited editorial, the Journal bitterly and repeatedly attacked the ANCA's "hard line" opposition to Bryza's deeply flawed nomination. (Well, if "hard line" means fearlessly standing up to anti-Armenian interests, it's a badge we all wear with honor.) 

We can't accept is the Journal's insulting our community by demeaning all of us, who believe in Armenian Genocide recognition, as somehow suffering from a "tribal Caucasian obsession."
It's an outrage that the Journal so scornfully smears an entire ethnic group. And for what? The "crime" of honoring the victims of genocide. Disgraceful!

This is a new interview of ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian to Voice of America. He explains that Obama's nomination of Bryza will die when the Senate changes after November and Obama will have to re-nominate the new Ambassador:

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