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Documenting the barbarism of the Turkish army:

- 800 Greek Cypriot women were raped by the Turks in 1974 - Article by journalist and author, a refugee woman herself Fanoulla Argyrou, documenting the rapes of 800 Greek-Cypriot women by Turkish invading forces in 1974. The article was sent to singer and actor Jennifer Lopez, who has been active for the rights of 350 raped women in Mexico, but she has been invited to an opening ceremony of a hotel in occupied Cyprus, to celebrate with the rapists of the Greek-Cypriot women. [read the article]

- Turkish soldiers murdered handicapped children in Cyprus - Video from Cypriot television 'RIK1' [10/08/2009], with English subtitles. [view the video]

- Turkish soldiers and a politician shoot and kill unarmed, peaceful protester Solomos Solomou - This video clip shows the murder of Solomos Solomou at the hands of the Turkish occupation regime on 14 August 1996. The film suggests that it was a Turkish soldier who killed Solomou; but the Cypriot investigation into the crime showed that the fatal shots were actually fired by Kenan Akin and Erdal Haciali Emanet, two senior functionaries of the occupation regime, who were observing events from a balcony overlooking the Turkish sentry post where Solomou was shot. With English subtitles [view the video] 

- Murderer of Greek-Cypriot demonstrator Kenan Akin says: "I'd do it again" - In an interview, Kenan Akin, the Turk wanted by Interpol for the murder of Solomos Solomou during the Dherynia protests in August 1996, expresses no remorse over the killing and says he would do it again. Akin, who is a Turkish settler and not a Turkish-Cypriot, is an active politician in the pseudo-state of occupied Cyprus, and is currently regarded as a hero among Turkish Cypriots. He states that he doesn't understand why so much fuss has been made over the death of 'a dog', as he refers to Solomou. Video from 'RIK1' [22/02/2009], with English subtitles. [view the video]

- Missing Presumed Alive: Christakis Georgiou - The chilling story of a young boy captured by the Turkish army in 1974 and taken to Turkey. The evidence that came out suggested that the Turkish army is concealing information on the whereabouts of missing Greek Cypriots despite Ankara's long-held denials. The story exemplies the drama of the missing Greek-Cypriots, including innocent civilians and POW that Turkey never acknowledged. Their families are still waiting for their loved ones to return. [view the video]

Occupied land and properties

- Memorandum: Ownership status of hotels and other accomodation facilities in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus - A list compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus of hotels situated in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus. The majority of these hotels belong to Greek Cypriot displaced persons who were forced to leave their properties following the Turkish invasion of 1974 or have been built illegally on properties belonging to displaced Greek Cypriots, in violation of the latter’s property rights and without their consent. A number of hotels belong to Turkish Cypriots or have been built on land belonging to Turkish Cypriots. The European Court of Human Rights, in its Judgment of 18 December 1996, on the individual application of the Greek Cypriot displaced owner Mrs. Titina Loizidou, against Turkey, and in the Fourth Interstate Application of Cyprus against Turkey of 10 May 2001, upheld the rights of the refugees to their properties. [download the pdf document]

Ethnocide and destruction of civilization:

- The destruction of ancient Greek and Roman archaeological sites 

- Christian monuments in Turkish-occupied Cyprus: Aspects and deeds of a continuous destruction - See photos of churches being turned into straw-warehouses, being demolished, or having their rare frescoes looted, removed or destroyed. 

- The Church of Ayia Marina in Kythrea turned into a pub 

- "Where Heaven falls pray to thieves" - A film by Klaus Gallas and Kurt W. Oehlschager that documents the looting of the cultural heritage of occupied Cyprus. [view the video]

History of the occupation:

- The Turkish Campaign of Terror and Invasion of Cyprus in brief - Explains the role of Britain and Turkey from 1950s until the Turkish invasion of 1974. In English, and very brief, only 2:43 minutes. [view the video]

-TMT: The Turkish-Cypriot terrorist organization, 1955-1964 - A video with full reference of the history between 1955 and 1964. Turkish propaganda claims that during that time the Turkish-Cypriots sufferred at the hands of the Greeks, but in reality it was the Turkish-Cypriots that were recruited by the British colonialists to supress the national-liberation movement of EOKA. After the establishment of the bicommunal state of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, the Turkish-Cypriots, through TMT, staged a conspiracy to dissolve the common state they had with the Greek-Cypriots, and this organization was staffed with Turkish officers from the mainland Turkish army, and it was funded and equipped by the state of Turkey. [view the video]

- The 9th of July of 1821 massacre of 486 notable Greek-Cypriots - Even the fact that the island of Cyprus was calm at the time, despite an Enlightenment-inspired revolution in mainland Greece,  the Ottoman governor of Cyprus Mehmet Küçük asked from the Sultan Mahmud II (1785-1839) his permit to kill 486 notable members of Cyprus Greek community so as Greek people of Cyprus to remain without leaders. [view the article]


- 2,700 Kurdish children rot in Turkish dungeons, arrested for political purposes - This is the racist state that occupies Cyprus to this day. A Dutch politician Harry Von Bommel, in a call to the UNICEF has requested the organization to support the Kurdish children in Turkey's prisons. [read the article]

- Turkish soldier beats a Kurdish child unconscious - A special police operations soldier with the butt of a gun hits child on the head severely wounding it. [view the video]

- Turkish policemen in uniform beat Kurdish women and children - Shocking video of large groups of Turkish policemen in uniform beating repeatedly Kurdish women and children, after the single them out. It is in the same coward way that they have beaten to death Greek-Cypriot protester Tasos Isaak in Dheryneia in the summer of 1996. In the last instance, the Turkish policement break the young boy's arm. [view the video]

- Turkey Admits to Killing 120 Kurds

- The Turkish Massacres from 1822 up until 1904 - Information from George Horton's book "The Blight of Asia". Read about the massacres of thousands of Greeks, Assyrians, Maronites, Bulgarians, Armenians, Egyptian Christians and so on. Turkey never acknowledged or apologized for those crimes, making the subsequent Genocide of the Armenians, the Assyrians and the Pontian Greeks almost inevitable. [read the article]


- Turkish policeman beats an innocent boy - Turkish policeman yells at a crowd of people. He beats an innocent bystander for absolutely no reason. [view the video]

- Turkish police brutality - Video segments of Turkish police brutality against Kurdish people and also Turkish citizens. [view the video]