Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cyprus’ Shock Doctrine


Cyprus’ Shock Doctrine

Interesting findings are unveiled by exploring the recent crisis in Cyprus through the notion of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. It should not be mistaken for a theoretical preposition but rather a narrative tying torture to economic theory. The contrive outlines how economic prescriptions are implemented undemocratically upon exhausted economies with predatory behaviour. Whereby, global (IMF) and European “part- time lenders” of last resort (ECB), relish on the prospects of exploiting resource rich disaster-shocked nations. Under extreme stress, intimidation and th reats the Cypriot people have experienced techniques that draw surprising resemblance to the Kubark counterintelligence interrogation manual. The modus operandi of such methods make use of “shock and awe” approaches to economic warfare. First applied to mentally ill patients in covert CIA and US army funded experiments, sensory deprivation was then passed on to torture manuals. Used in a different context by the “new Chicago boys and girls” in Cyprus the similarities between the original shock therapy and economic shock doctrine are startlingly identic. Following the paradigms of 1973 Pinochet’s Chile, the Falklands War in 1982, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the 1997 Asian Financial crisis and 2007 Iraqi Civil war, Cyprus now becomes a new experiment in the list. The application of these ideas in the contemporary economic history of Cyprus renders it another tragic persona in the global theatres of economic subjugation. It has become the latest victim of neo-liberal political economics of the eurocrats. The scheme of undermining the foundations of the Cypriot economy, serving the appetites of unelected career politicians, with dubious interests has been in place for the past year. The Cypriot economic construction has been torpedoed in a systematic manner creating multiple shocks to the establishment. All these were nothing more than a manmade crisis to justify predetermined prescriptions in an effort to avoid “disasters” or “upheavals”.

Multiple shock stages


Kneeling the banks

Cyprus got knee-capped twice in 2011 under a private sector involvement (PSI) plan where the largest banks in Cyprus have been effectively bankrupt ever since. This was widely received by analysts as a eurocratic euphemism for kneeling the Cypriot banking sector and promoting a Greek debt default that would only hit private sector creditors, but not the ECB or other public sector creditors; a position strongly supported by Mr. Schäuble at the time. One would not be surprised to find out that the eurocratcs went for an exclusion of public and private sector involvement in bond restructuring for Cyprus considering the 5.4 billion exposure of German banks. Coupled with money laundering accusations and dirty blackmailing to abandon an attractive investment environment through higher corporate tax levels (a matter of national sovereignty falling outside EU’s exclusive competencies) destroyed the trust to the Cypriot banking sector.[1] This has successfully deflected in early 2013 foreign capital to other offshore destinations. What is more, the unwillingness of the ESM to directly recapitalise Cypriot banks (regarded as the most orthodox way to resolve the banking issue) raises questions on what were the true intentions of the troika.


Stress Positioning

Insisting on huge confiscations from wealthy savers and common depositors the Eurogroup representatives and ECB, have triggered a mass capital flight [2]and shaken the Cypriot banks. This has been the toughest line over more than three years of the eurozone crisis as Angela Merkel was keen to avoid footing too much of the bailout bill just before running for a third term. The European Commission alongside its gang of undemocratically appointed technocrats prescribed a medicine that would kill rather than cure the patient. Olli[3] Rehn overpowered by the Germans and their allies, the Finns, Dutch and Slovaks took on board this idea. This procrustean method has emphatically fractured the vital organs of the Cypriot financial system; trust and security[4]. It resulted in an unstructured deflation of the Cypriot banking system by exerting extensive stress to bring the system to its limits precluding at the same time any possible revival. The ECB’s role to this was also striking. It threatened to bring down the Cypriot banking system if a deal was not reached by doing “whatever it takes”[5] to this end, while preserving the eurozone’s integrity (a pledge that accounts for much of the subsequent support of the euro by the ECB). Furthermore the ECB knuckled under the pressure of German interests taking a much harder stance compared to the cases of Ireland and Greece. Where before deliberate “constructive ambiguity” was preferred it became clear that Cyprus was put under more stress left instead with the option of “destructive assurance” of a no-deal. Although an EU member, its calamitous situation and stressful position left Cyprus with no negotiating power by eliminating the Russian factor. This left Cyprus with no meaningful voice with EU finance ministers.


Suffocation stage

The position of the ECB through the mouth of Jörg Asmussen, member of the ECB executive board and Schäuble's former deputy at the German finance ministry acted as the executioner that put the rope around the neck. The pressure to Cypriot banks reached a turning point when he warned that the ECB will withdraw emergency liquidity support within days to Cypriot banks if no deal was struck. This translated to asphyxiation of the economy triggering the collapse of the Cypriot system with unforeseeable impacts. It turned into a high-stakes game to see who blinks first. The Cypriot government blinked. The economic devastation makes Cyprus lose a card game with marked cards. What is at stake here is in fact more than just the economy.







Thursday, March 28, 2013

Proud Cypriot youth against the economic dictatorship of the New World Order

The proud Cypriot youth resist against the economic dictatorship of global and domestic bankers. New World Order purpose is the enslavement of all nations by implementing an economic genocide. Their cruel plan will not stay unpunished! Cypriots sparked the flame of resistance and they invite the rest of Europeans in awakening in order to fight for their rights. 

Wake Up Cyprus! Wake Up Greece! Wake up Italy! Wake up Spain! Wake up Portugal! Wake Up Europe!

Η περήφανη Κυπριακή νεολαία αντιστέκεται ενάντια στην οικονομική δικτατορία των παγκόσμιων αλλά και εγχώριων τραπεζιτών. Οι σχεδιασμοί της Νέας Τάξης Πραγμάτων που επιχειρούν να επιβάλουν στο νησί με σκοπό την οικονομική γενοκτονία του έθνους δεν θα περάσει ατιμώρητη! Οι Κύπριοι άναψαν την φλόγα της αντίστασης καλώντας τους υπόλοιπους Ευρωπαίους σε αφύπνιση για διεκδίκηση των δικαιωμάτων τους. 

Ξύπνα Κύπρος! Ξύπνα Ελλάδα! Ξύπνα Ιταλία! Ξύπνα Ισπανία! Ξυπνα Πορτογαλλία !Ξύπνα Ευρώπη

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hate to say, but we told you so!

Jeroen Dijsselbloem Says Cyprus Is A 'Template' For EU Bailouts, Sends Markets Tumbling 
Germans doubt Merkel's vow on saving deposits - poll 
Italy, Spain ETFs Tank On Cyprus Bailout

We hate to say, but we told you so.

What is happening in Cyprus and Greece is the blueprint of a a pan-European disaster. More centralized banking and financial systems is not a solution. More EU is not a solution, more Europe is the solution.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fellow Europeans: Do not vilify Cyprus!

Fellow Europeans in the North-West of our continent need to fully comprehend that the vicious economic attacks against Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Hellas and now Cyprus have nothing to do with raw economic reality. Cyprus had financial problems, but nothing even close to what the international media present. Talking about Cyprus, which I feel more confident to talk about, we have just discovered vast reserves of natural gas, we have a thriving tourism, pharmaceutical, agricultural and construction industry and we have been an important knot for international trade and investment. A few billion euros of damage by some irresponsible PRIVATE banks based in Cyprus is NOT a "systemic danger" for Europe. This is political war disguised as "economic crisis" and this war is not a classic nation-state attack against another nation-state: These are international financial centers that have as an objective to eradicate the very idea of nation-state, welfare, industry and good, honest commerce. 

Take heed of what is happening in Cyprus. The outrageous demand for a haircut on people's deposits (which is utterly illegal and unconstitutional) is nothing more than a social experiment. It definitely sets a nightmarish precedent for all of us. If it "works", sooner that you might think such manufactured "crises" might hit you at home, yes, in North, central and Western Europe. The EU, in tandem with these financial centers, has created a transnational elite (with politicians from all EU member-states) in Brussels and elsewhere that already behaves with the arrogant attitude of every unelected bureaucracy. So support our NO and don't believe what they say about "lazy Mediterraneans" and "backward Southerners" just because we live under the sun. Tomorrow they will find something to say about you. This is the time for the people of this ancient continent to be in solidarity. If you love your country, then love my country as well, so I can love your country back!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From the Greek-Cypriots with love

Because the international media only report a fraction of the story, it has to be fully understood that it was NOT the governments of Cyprus (neither the current Neo-Liberal nor the previous Marxist) who rejected the EU-IMF plan. 

The plan was rejected by the MPs (even those of the coalition government) after the Greek-Cypriot people FORCED them to do so. 

This is a development of Pan-European importance.