Saturday, October 9, 2010

Julio Iglesias cancels planned concert in occupied Cyprus

Yet another moral victory for Cyprus, another blow to Turkey's plans for indirect recognition of occupied Cyprus as a separate state. The Τurkish press laments the fact that Julio Iglesias, in the same way as Jennifer Lopez, cancelled the concert in occupied Cyprus. 

Julio Iglesias cancels planned concert in Turkish [note: illegally Turkish-occupied] Cyprus
'Sabah'  08 October, 2010
Renowned veteran Spanish singer Julio Iglesias is the latest star to reportedly have been pressured to cancel his decision to stage a gig in Turkish Cyprus following increasing pressure from Greek Cypriots.

The Greek Cypriot Alitheia daily reported on Thursday that Iglesias had cancelled his performance in Turkish Cyprus after being informed that the country he was about to perform in was only a “self-declared state.”

According to the news outlet, Iglesias is the fifth star to cancel his gig in Turkish Cyprus in the past four months. American Cypriot Greeks and Greeks are believed to have been behind Iglesias' decision to call off his performance. They reportedly inundated his website's e-mail inbox with messages informing him about the “ill regime” there.

The Alitheia report quotes Iglesias as saying that the star would not perform in a state that is not recognized internationally.

Jennifer Lopez, Anastasia, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake also cancelled their scheduled performances in Turkish Cyprus following pressure and protests by Greek Cypriots.

Latin pop star Lopez's cancellation of her gig at the luxury Cratos Premium Hotel sparked a strong reaction from the Turkish side, and the hotel's executive board said it would sue Lopez if she did not change her mind.

Reha Arar, chairman of the Executive Board of Turkish Cyprus Merit Hotels, told reporters after Iglesias cancelled his performance that arts and culture are universal and should not be used for scoring political points. He said they considered the star's concert as a sign of friendship.


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