Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turkish mentality, 2010: "I LOVE TO HATE"

The following screen shots* from Facebook tell us a lot... Who taught this young girl (born in 1988) to "love to hate"? What kind of educational and social conditions lead this girl to join such racist groups as the "F*uck Armenian" one? Is it the kind of education and the kind of society and politics that denies the Armenican Genocide and calls the brutal Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus a ..."peace operation"?

Who can forget the disturbing images of other young Turkish shouting "Heil Hitler" and "Turks raped your mothers" and giving Nazi salutes?

Make sure you report this racist, hate group to Facebook, and let us all try to understand what leads young Turks such as Gunel to "love to hate" and have so much venom in their hearts (literally...)

* At the time the screen shots were taken and published, both profiles on Facebook were open to public

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