Friday, March 4, 2011

Greek-Cypriot refugees reach out to their Turkish-Cypriot compatriots: Together, we can end Turkish occupation!

Turkish-Cypriots holding the flags of the Republic of Cyprus, a clear act of defiance of Turkish, military occupation. The message is clear: Turkey has to get out, the Turkish-Cypriots want to live in peace with their Greek-Cypriot compatriots. 


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In view of the Turkish Cypriot demonstration today against Turkey in the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriot compatriots,

We have been following with interest your reaction against the Turkish hegemony which is strangling the Turkish Cypriot identity and oppressing the Turkish Cypriot community.

We agree with the conclusion arrived at, by the Turkish Cypriot Secretary of the Teachers Union of Elementary Schools, particularly to his reference that the strangling of the Turkish Cypriot identity and the oppression of the Turkish Cypriot community goes back to the 1960s, during which period, Turkey forced the Turkish Cypriots to stop their co-habitation with the Greek Cypriots and began to cultivate the division and the separation on the basis of race and religion.

It was contemptible for our silent majorities of Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots to allow at the time foreign interests and foreign interventions to lead us to the situation we face today. At this moment the obstacle to the restoration of constitutional order in Cyprus, as you have realised and denounce with your mobilisations, is Turkey, which occupies part of the Republic of Cyprus. We call upon you to respond to a joint, general mobilisation for the termination of the Turkish occupation and its consequences. It is only with a common struggle of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots against the Turkish occupation with the following objectives, that your mobilisations will have some value and prospect:

· To get rid of the Turkish continued occupation with the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation forces.

· To get rid of the Turks and other settlers with their return back to Turkey.

· To liberate our common homeland. The solution of Bizonal Bicommunal Federation does not provide for the liberation of our land. It rewards the occupation, rewards TMT and its activities that had as their common aim our geographical separation.

· For all of us, you and we, to return to our homes and properties and with all of our Human Rights fully restored without limitations and restrictions.

· Once this is achieved,  all of us, together, being wiser of past events, to shape the Constitutional structure of our European country, on the basis of democratic principles and values, respecting each other and taking into consideration both our race and national origin as well as our religion.

It is only under these conditions that we will safeguard our identity.

With the solution of Bizonal Bicommunal Federation both our identities will have an expiry date.


We do not want to believe that you will insist or that you will allow, for the creation of a Turkish state built on our properties and to expect at the same time  that peace and normal life can be build on such an embezzlement.

Refugee Association Adouloti Kyrenia.

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