Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fellow Europeans: Do not vilify Cyprus!

Fellow Europeans in the North-West of our continent need to fully comprehend that the vicious economic attacks against Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Hellas and now Cyprus have nothing to do with raw economic reality. Cyprus had financial problems, but nothing even close to what the international media present. Talking about Cyprus, which I feel more confident to talk about, we have just discovered vast reserves of natural gas, we have a thriving tourism, pharmaceutical, agricultural and construction industry and we have been an important knot for international trade and investment. A few billion euros of damage by some irresponsible PRIVATE banks based in Cyprus is NOT a "systemic danger" for Europe. This is political war disguised as "economic crisis" and this war is not a classic nation-state attack against another nation-state: These are international financial centers that have as an objective to eradicate the very idea of nation-state, welfare, industry and good, honest commerce. 

Take heed of what is happening in Cyprus. The outrageous demand for a haircut on people's deposits (which is utterly illegal and unconstitutional) is nothing more than a social experiment. It definitely sets a nightmarish precedent for all of us. If it "works", sooner that you might think such manufactured "crises" might hit you at home, yes, in North, central and Western Europe. The EU, in tandem with these financial centers, has created a transnational elite (with politicians from all EU member-states) in Brussels and elsewhere that already behaves with the arrogant attitude of every unelected bureaucracy. So support our NO and don't believe what they say about "lazy Mediterraneans" and "backward Southerners" just because we live under the sun. Tomorrow they will find something to say about you. This is the time for the people of this ancient continent to be in solidarity. If you love your country, then love my country as well, so I can love your country back!

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