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2,700 Kurdish children rot in Turkish dungeons, arrested for political purposes: This is the racist state that occupies Cyprus to this day

Article to be circulated and syndicated. Yet another proof of "modern" Turkey's "respect" to human rights, democracy and freedom of speech. Yet another example of how the Turkish state treats its own citizens, and how racism has been a main element of the policies of both the Turkish Army and the "oppossing" forces of Davutoglu-Erdogan' Neo-Ottoman agenda. 

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 Source: 'AK News', 21 June 2010
"Dutch lawmaker calls on UNICEF and govt to support Kurdish children imprisoned in Turkey"

Van, June 21 (AKnews) - A Dutch politician Harry Von Bommel, in a call to the UNICEF has requested the organization to support the Kurdish children in Turkey's prisons, according to a source Mnoday.

In a statement sent to AKnews by a human rights organization CHAK the Dutch MP, in a speech he delivered in his country's parliament said he has made a phonecall to UNICEF's Netherlands representatives Monique Van Der Ven and Paul Van Vliet asked them to support Kurdish children living under difficult conditions in Turkey's prisons, allegedly for throwing stones at police forces during demonstrations.

Bommel has reportedly has also called on the Dutch government officials to push on Turkey to comply with the international agreements on children rights.

According to unofficial sources, more than 2,700 Kurdish children have been imprisoned by Turkey for alleged stone-throwing on police forces during demonstrations.

dk/ry AKnews

Read the article in Greek:  Ολλανδός σοσιαλιστής βουλευτής ζητά στήριξη για την απελευθέρωση 2,700 Κουρδόπουλων από τα τουρκικά μπουντρούμια


Source:, 19 June 2010
"2700 Kurdish children in Turkish prisons"

I received a very shocking email today from a friend in Holland. A major issue is being brought to light which shows that Turkey, which has suddenly become so concerned with Human Rights (a country responsible genocide, illegal invasion and occupation of the north part of Cyprus, an EU member, killing and oppression of its Kurdish population and so many more brutalities...) has 2700 Kurdish children locked up in jail! Here are the facts:

Van Bommel asks for the support of UNICEF ambassadors for the liberation of Kurdish children
18/06/2010 * (Dutch) MP Harry van Bommel supports the international call for action to obtain the liberation of approximately 2700 Kurdish children from Turkish prisons. In a question at the Second Chamber (Dutch Parliament) he asked minister Verhagen (Foreign Affairs) to exert pressure on Turkey to abide by the International Treaty for Childrens’ Rights. In a direct call to the Dutch UNICEF – ambassadors Monique van der Ven and Paul van Vliet – he asks its support to the relevant international action.

It is estimated that about 2700 Kurdish children – most of them were arrested during demonstrations – are imprisoned according to the anti-terrorist law of Turkey. Approximately another 7000 children are awaiting trial. Imprisonments of more than six years are in order. Activists for the rights of children in Turkey are calling upon the Turkish Parliament to adopt an amendment before the summer vacation which will safeguard the release of these children from prison. The Swedish human rights organization Kurdocide Watch Chak has decided this week to ask UNICEF to adopt the mentioned call because there does not seem to be an end to this horrible situation.

Van Bommel: “It is urgent and an international campaign can accelerate the release of these children from prison. Last year, minister Verhagen has correctly criticized Turkey for rendering the Treaty for Childrens’ rights conditional to the anti-terrorist law. Now that more and more children are locked in prison, the minister should not keep silent. Naturally, I also expect that Monique van der Ven and Paul van Vliet will take action immediately.

With its anti-terrorist law, installed in 2006, Turkey has put herself in opposition to the International Treaty for Childrens’ Rights which states that children should be liable to a separate justice system especially for under (legal) age children. Only in very special cases is imprisonment allowed and in that case every effort should be made for good contact with their parents. The opinion of human rights defenders is that Turkey does not fulfill these conditions. In addition, their treatment in the prison is unacceptable. Early May, children in prison in Diyarbakir came in protest because of poor medical care.

When will the international community take a strong stance and deal with Turkey...

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