Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 20th 2010, Protest Turkish Embassy: Turkish murderers, rapists, thieves, invaders, occupiers OUT OF CYPRUS!

July 20Th: Protest Turkish Embassy: Turkish murderers, rapists, thieves, invaders, occupiers OUT OF CYPRUS

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris , New York . Tel. (917) 699-9935
WHERE: Turkish Embassy 2525 Massachusetts Ave., NW , Washington , DC
WHEN: July 20, 2010, Tuesday, 9AM-5PM

“Turkish Delight – but not for the Oppressed” by Victor Sharpe, The Jerusalem Connection Report US. Published on June 20, 2010--

“In 1974, a flotilla set sail from Turkey . No, it wasn’t destined for the Gaza coast carrying thugs and jihadists masquerading as human rights activists – as ill armed Israeli commandos discovered to their cost. No, this was a flotilla of naval ships sailing towards Cyprus as a fully-fledged invasion force, illegally employing U.S. arms and equipment. Later, after Greek Cypriot resistance had been crushed in the north of the island, Turkish forces began to ethnically cleanse almost half of the island from its Greek population, The Turkish military employed hundreds of U.S. tanks and airplanes and 35,000 ground troops, with the result being a land grab by Turkey of 37.3% of Cyprus. Turkey later sent additional flotillas to the island; ships containing 150,000 Turkish settlers who proceeded to colonize the land after some 200,000 Greeks had been driven out and made into refugees.”

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) will be demonstrating directly in front of the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC , to demand justice for the criminal Turkish invasion of Cyprus that began on July 20th 1974.

For 36 years Greek-Cypriots suffer an ongoing HOLOCAUST of our culture, heritage and people. Turkey’s crimes include the rape of 800 Greek-Cypriot women, the murder of thousands of Greek-Cypriots, the theft of half of the Greek-Cypriot peoples homeland, the forcible displacement of hundreds of thousands, and the ongoing illegal occupation of a culture, a sovereign territory a homeland.

Over 100 United Nations resolutions have declared the ongoing Turkish-military-occupation of Cyprus illegal, and call for the speedy withdrawal of all Turkish troops from Cyprus . Turkey continues to mock international law and human rights and continues to exploit the theft of our land by spending millions to illegally convert it into luxury hotels and casinos. Turkey has brought over 150,000 illegal Turkish settlers into our stolen homes to commit cultural genocide by forcibly changing the demographic of Cyprus .

Turkey’s illegal occupation regime is an offshore base for the Turkish deep state, and uses Turkish-occupied-Cyprus to export illicit narcotics and international terrorism.

We call upon all Greek-Cypriots and people of conscience who care for justice to join us, to bring their own noisemakers and flags, and to not give the criminal a moment’s rest on July 20th the 36th Anniversary of our trail of blood and tears. Look the Turkish murders, rapists, thieves, invaders, occupiers right in the eye, and join us chanting loud and proud TURKEY OUT OF CYPRUS .

In 2008 the CANA July 20 Turkish Embassy protest managed to get coverage by CBS. Our protest sends the strong message around the world that, no matter how hard the Turkish murderers, rapists, thieves, invaders, occupiers and their allies try to sell us their Turkish racist bizonal, bicommunal plans: WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE, WE WILL NEVER FORGET the perpetrators of the HOLOCAUST of the Greek-Cypriot people."



  1. TURKEY IS A FUCKING PUSSY i hate turkish people they all should fucking get out of cyprus the twat's are invading the country and they spilt up the greek/cypriots! before they even came into the country the cyprus was in PEACE with the greeks

  2. Dear scorpio king
    Do you know why Turkish Army intervened to Cyprus? Just for fun? Do you have any idea that what was happening until 1974. All the thing you talk about is Turkish Army's intervene... But what you don't question is why they made such an operation. Let me tell you; cause there was a conflict between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Furthermore the situation became so bloody for both sides. However as we know that Turkish Cypriots are minority there, they suffered more than Greek Cypriots and besides they never wanted any unification such as Greek Cypriots want. The hatred from Greek Cypriots gave birth to opposition hatred in Turkish Cypriots and events started mutually. I dont recomend you to talk about only 1974, please read about before that time and learn how Turkish Cypriots suffered from the pressure of Greek Cypriots. I can suggest you some informatinal source in order to know about whole story of the massacures. Watch the "Kan Sesi" (Φωνή αίματος, Voice of Blood) which is written and directed by Antonis "Tony" Angastiniyotis who is a Greek Cypriot. He looks to the Cypus Problem objectively as a Greek Cypriot. Hopefully you can learn something from that. I can also agree with you about the situation of Turkish Army; they arent needed there anymore cause there cant be any violation anymore. If they will be an emergence such happened in 1974, they can intervene anytime (they should). I believe people can make peace as long as they listen each other instead of figthing and there sould be mutual respect.
    take care...