Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sign the Petition: The American-Hellenic Education Progressive Association joins in with full force

New petition out by AHEPA. Make sure you sign it and ask by your friends and family to sign it as well. 

Please join the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) in requesting that Jennifer Lopez cancel her performance this month in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus.

The performance is planned to occur in Kyrenia at the Cratos Hotel & Casino, where she plans to celebrate her birthday. The hotel will open its doors on the 36th "Black Anniversary" of Turkey's illegal invasion and subsequent occupation of the Republic of Cyprus.

Please let Ms. Lopez know that her participation in this event is not acceptable to her fans and supporters.

Sign the petition here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/jlocyprus/

This petition will be forwarded to Ms. Lopez's agent:

Cara Lewis
William Morris Agency , LLC
1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York , NY 10019

Phone: 212-903-1316
Fax: 212-903-1531
E-Mail: cpl@wmeentertainment.com

website: http://www.ahepa.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ahepa

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