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Letter to J-Lo by the president of the Cyprus Movement of Refugees & Displaced Mothers [Article to be circulated]

Article to be circulated. Post link to Facebook, Twitter.

The article below was sent Mrs. Jennifer Lopez directly both via fax and email by Mrs. Markella Isaia-Chakka, president of the Cyprus Movement of Refugees & Displaced Mothers. So far neither Jennifer Lopez, or anyone from her team has replied either to refugee women Mrs. Isaia-Chakka or Fanoulla Argyrou. 

 ATTENTION OF:   Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Lopez (born July 24, 1969)
Dear Mrs. Lopez,  

I write to you as the President of the Displaced Mothers of Cyprus, as a woman and as a mother above all. From this part of the world we have been watching and admiring your successful career, but also your amazing strength in raising your children and determination in offering them the right values in life. 

However, we were really saddened and shocked when we heard that you will visit the occupied by the Turkish troops area of the Republic of Cyprus and take part in the celebrations for the anniversary of the unlawful invasion of Turkey to our country which has deprived us of our homes and of our basic human rights within our own country. Since July 20th, 1974, when Turkey invaded our island, one third of the population of the island of Cyprus  that is 200,000 people - probably the largest proportion of Internally Displaced Persons/Refugees in a single country – have been forcibly expelled from their homes and 37% of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Cyprus has come under Turkish military occupation. Ever since the massive displacement, Greek Cypriots have been prevented from returning to their homes and properties against all United Nations’ Resolutions and all Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights condemning Turkey for its unlawful presence on the island. 

The displaced people, who in effect became refugees in their own country, suffered not only the loss of their properties and belongings, but also the loss of their beloved ones, some of whom are still missing with Turkey denying to report on their fates. Members of our movement, who were teenagers at the time, were raped by Turkish soldiers and were captured as prisoners of war - the rest of us were raped psychologically and still suffer.

Turkey has uprooted our childhood and our dreams, yet we do not lose our faith.  We now have our own families and children and struggle to raise them with our limited means away from our homes. BUT WE DO NOT FORGET the TRAGEDY of the 20th of July 1974.

On your website you say that “I, myself, am Catholic,” (Lopez told Southern Florida’s NBC 6); we would like to inform you that this past June His Holiness Pope Benedict the 16th visited the Republic of Cyprus, but refused to visit the occupied by the Turkish troops areas ignoring an “official” invitation to do so.  This should say a lot about what this “state” represents to Christianity and humanity. As Christians ourselves, and as women who have suffered by the atrocities of Turkey, we urge you not to make this trip to Cyprus and not to take part in these celebrations. The fact that you are a world-famous celebrity makes this “birthday party” a very well-camouflaged trap on behalf of Turkey, the consequences of which will have a direct negative impact on my country and us, as the Turkish propaganda is using you in an attempt to purchase a false “normalcy” and false “legitimacy” for the bandit pseudo-state that is recognized by no-one but Turkey.
When You Make Your Decision, PLEASE have in mind THAT:
  • On July 20th 1974 Turkey invaded and is still occupying a part of Cyprus, and hence Europe itself,
  • Turkey perpetrated ethnic cleansing and war crimes against Greek Cypriots,
  • We, the Internally Displaced Mothers and Refugees demand Restoration of our Human Rights and a Safe Return to our HOMES and PROPERTIES, 
  • We demand the determination of the fate and whereabouts of the missing persons and the accountability of Turkey.

These facts are the truth which is often so tactfully omitted in discussions about Cyprus and ignored by the World Leaders who present themselves as the Protectors of Human Rights. As a woman, a mother and a Christian yourself we ask you to respect our sufferings and not celebrate your birthday along with the looters of our history, of our past, of our present and of our future. We count on your sensitivity against the violation of human rights throughout the world and we would like to ask for your active support in our fight against imperialism and in our efforts to restore our human rights, the same way you actively fought to raise awareness about the Mexican women murdered in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua. I am personally willing to provide all the information you might need in an objective manner and co-operate with you in every possible way in order to inform the world about these unpunished crimes held in Cyprus since 1974. We trust you will make the right decision.

I am looking forward to your reply.

 Yours sincerely,
Markella Isaia-Chakka

for the restitution, conferment and respect of their fundamental human rights and their children’s


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