Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some advice from an experienced activist

Nikolaos Taneris, the New York-based Press Officer of CANA (Cyprus Action Network of America) who has the lead of the Jennifer Lopez campaign, has just written on the Facebook wall of the dedicated group AGAINST JENNIFER LOPEZ PERFORMING IN OCCUPIED CYPRUS

"The William Morris Agency is not replying to our calls and is avoiding the subject, but we are sure they are reading the letters and getting the message, please do not divert the strength on our direction please now keep emailing, writing faxing and keep putting your letter on Lopez related sites.

Thanks for posting all the latest news on the different letters and p.r. coming in, I want to share my experience on activism so we can exert the most pressure. Sending Fanoulla Argyrou's '800 Greek-Cypriot women were raped' letter is the best strategy if people don't have time to write their own letters because it wins the hearts of outsiders (non-Greeks), it centers on the human perspective of women's issues, women's rights and rape or crimes against women which has universal appeal and that is what got us into The Guardian and created the avalanche of international media today.

Petitions are a BAD idea they waste the energy of our supporters because they send an email to the petition site instead of all those emails being sent to the William Morris Agency. So far the petition means our supporters are sending the emails to the petition site, and then when it's finally forwarded to her agent, she in effect gets only (1) email meaning the petition"

It has to be noted that Fanoulla's article has created such an appeal that people have taken the initiative and translated it into Spanish for circulation in the Spanish speaking world!

Spanish version: Estimada Señora Jennifer López, 800 mujeres griego-chipriotas fueron violadas por los turcos en 1974

So promote Fanoulla Argyrou's article, and also the article by Markella Isaia-Chakka, both refugees and mothers, and keep on e-mailing, faxing and telephoning, be polite and informed, and ask where is the sensitive on human rights issues:

Mrs. Cara Lewis
William Morris Agency , LLC.
1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York , NY
Fax: 212-903-1531

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