Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reply to the Telegraph's Damien McElroy's lies about "pogroms against Turkish-Cypriots"

We copy here the letter sent to the British newspaper 'Telegraph' and journalist Damien Mc Elroy by the Editorial Team. As you will read yourselves, McElroy's blatant lies are just to much to swallow. 

Nevermind him referring to the military occupied part of Cyprus as if it is a legal entity, forgetting completely about the ethnocide of the Greek-Cypriots, he even makes the false assertion (without providing ANY evidence whatsoever) that the Greek-Cypriots have carried out "pogroms" against Turkish-Cypriots, when in fact the opposite happenned! Mr McElroy, with 200,000 Greek-Cypriot refugees until this day, 37% of the land occupied and people still missing and unaccounted for, its not the Greek-Cypriots who carried the pogroms, its the Turkish state!

 The Efylakas article can serve as an excellent template for you to add your own arguments. 

Please make sure you send your copy, undersigned with your name,  telephone number and address (they will remain confidential), to and Remember to be polite and respectful. 

P.S. - Mr. Damien McElroy seems to be writing from and based "in Keryneia". With what legal status exactly is this gentleman writing from an illegally occupied EU territory? What is this British citizen (?) doing by working and writing from an area that the government of the UK does not recognize?

For publication - "Right of Reply"The Editor: 'The Daily Telegraph' and Mr. Damien McElroy 
July 24, 2010

Dear Sir,

Our news site ( is being read by hundreds of Greeks and Greek-Cypriots everyday. In those readers there there are also members of the enormous Hellenic Diaspora in Britain, where Greeks and Greek-Cypriots live assimmilated and in peace and contribute economically, spiritually, socially and culturally, with respect their host country and British ethics and traditions. With this letter, we believe that we represent the views of a large majority of those readers.

We outreach to you as people who take great pride and have tremendous passion in human rights, dignity, and respect to justice and the common European values of democracy and the rule of law, and as such we respectfully request that you take into consideration our objectios regading an article of yours on Cyprus, and therefore publishing our letter.

We refer to your report of 20th July 2010 (anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion)  titled
“Northern Cyprus plans to become Mediterranean 'Las Vegas'” by Damien McElroy and wish to comment as follows:

1. There is no “Turkish enclave” in Cyprus, but part of the Republic of Cyprus under Turkish illegal military invasion and occupation since 1974. The Republic of Cyprus is the
only recognized legal entity on the island of Cyprus.

2. The “Cratos Hotel” you are referring to has been
illegally built on stolen land in the occupied village of Kazafani in the Kyrenia district. The land rightfully belongs to the Church of Cyprus, and has been taken away by violence in the summer of 1974.

3. A UN embargo forbidding recognition of the occupied regime is confirmed by Security Council Resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984) because it is the outcome of a brutal and illegal invasion and continued occupation and there is no question of it being recognised. It is sustained by the presence of approximately 45,000 mainland Turkish military forces, and there has been at least 160,000 illegal Turkish settlers (brought in mainly by the Anatolian regon of mainland Turkey), which constitutes a war crime, as confirmed by International Law and European court decisions.

4. There is no hope of so called independent future for the occupied area. The area under question is stolen from the 200,000 Greek Cypriot refugees forced by the Turkish invading army to abandon their properties at gunpoint back in 1974, and to this day not allowed to return and use their property.

5. You cannot call “sharing” the abandonment of your stolen property and half of your country. Stolen land and properties have to be returned to their rightful and legal title deed owners. What the Turks are asking the Greek-Cypriots in an unprecedented audacity is to hand them over their stolen properties! Mr McElroy, we ask you: Would you give your house's title deed away to the first thief that forces you out of it?

6. This is an enormous lie that can't possibly be corroborated by any evidence. There were no pogroms against the Turkish Cypriots in 1974. In fact, the British Labour government of Harold Wilson and Turkish PM Bulent Ecevit literally conspired (and declassified Foreign Office documents prove this) to let Turkey invade the island and fulfill a long awaited Turkish-British plan to divide the island. That was finally agreed during their meeting in London on 17th July 1974. Furthermore, the  British High Commissioner in Cyprus,  Sir Olver and the then Turkish Ambassador in Nicosia confirmed in writing (British Foreign Office released documents refer) that NOT A SINGLE TURK was harmed by the Greek short lived coup which ONLY affected the Greeks and not the Turks. The only "evidence" of attacks against Turkish-Cypriots happenned at the villages of Aloa and Santalari which happenned by terrorists of EOKA-B' which was against the Makarios government, and even that happenned during the invasion, while Turkey was ethnically cleansing the north of Cyprus by 200,000 Greek-Cypriots, and not before the invasion happenned as Mr. McElroy falsily says! We demand that Mr McElroy produces any evidence he has that the Greek-Cypriots conducted organized "pogroms" against Turkish-Cypriots, or else he will prove that he is not a very objective journalist.

7. The 5,000 Britons who have bought properties in the occupied that belong to Greek-Cypriot refugees have done wrong and violated human rights and international law in dealing with stolen properties and will have to bear the consequences.

8. As for Mr. Day, former Conservative MP, living in the occupied area of Cyprus he has no right whatsoever to speak on the matter, the colonial jurisdiction over Cyprus has ended many years ago. Britain, the government of which is currently run by a Conservative-Liberal coalition, does not recognized the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus as a "state". What is, therefore, Mr. Day really doing out there, and does he represent British interests and the sacred British values of rule of law and democracy in this way?

Thank you.

With all due respect,

Editorial Team /
Telephone number:
Original article follows:  

Source: Telegraph, 20 July 2010
Damian McElroy
The Turkish enclave of Cyprus has announced proposals for a series of glamorous new resorts and shopping arcades in a move which risks straining relations with the south.

Details were revealed by a new hardline leadership in the north as it prepared to mark the 36th anniversary of the Turkish invasion today. 

The centrepiece of events to mark "Peace and Freedom Day" will be the opening of a £150 million hotel and casino complex by President Dervis Eroglu.
The Cratos Premium resort ignited worldwide controversy after booking Jennifer Lopez to perform at its launch. The American singer was forced to pull out after receiving thousands of emails from Greek Cypriot exiles, condemning her for violating a UN embargo.

The plans for the resorts are being seen as evidence of a change of outlook towards an independent future.

The wave of investment has outraged Greek Cypriots who view any development in the north as a blow to attempts to isolate the enclave, which is only recognised by Turkey. The influx of businessmen and tourists reduces pressure on the North for reunification by boosting the revenues and credibility of the renegade government. 

President Eroglu, 72, has disavowed his predecessors' enthusiasm for reunification since he elected in April.

He has continued face-to-face meetings with President Dimitris Christofias, the Greek Cypriot leader, but warned that time was running out.

"The Greek Cypriots don't like sharing," he told The Daily Telegraph. "This is the last chance. Negotiations have been continuing for many years and should come to an end naturally."

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General, warned Mr Eroglu last month that the window of opportunity for the current talks, which were launched in 2008, would close at the end of the year. President Christofias has appealed for Turkish intervention to save the talks.

In 1974, the Turkish army drove all Greeks from towns and villages across the northern half of the island in a sudden strike precipitated by pogroms against the local Turks.
A tense stand off between the Parachute Regiment and Turkish tanks on one of Britain's sovereign bases is still the closest two Nato nations have been to war.
The roots of the current impasse lie in the failure of a 2004 referendum on the Annan Plan, a blueprint drawn up by Kofi Annan, Mr Ban's predecessor, that would have seen land swapped for a loose federation of two self-governing Greek and Turkish entities.

The prospect of continued stalemate has dismayed representatives of families that still hold a dream of returning to properties lost in inter-communal violence and the Turkish invasion.

"Hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots who have been expelled from their houses demand justice," said Peter Droussiotis, the leader of the British Cypriots Federation. "The European Court of Justice said quite clearly its still their land. If the island was united all sides would enjoy the economic benefit. As it is the island is a source of instability in the region."

Many of the 5,000 Britons who own homes in the northern enclave are relieved that the prospect of failure.

A deal would mean those with deeds issued after 1974 faced the prospect of losing their homes to previous owners. Scores of alleged criminals hope to remain beyond the reach of international extradition treaties.

"The complications of title make many people insecure and there are these [criminal] elements here that will feel relieved," said Steve Day, the former Tory MP for Cheadle, who lives on the island. "People feel safer with the Turkish army here. We have got a ceasefire not a peace treaty."


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  3. The Turks have shown their real selves again. An anti-demonstration that was set up against the demonstration of the Greek-Cypriots against the illegal invasion and occupation, Turkish demonstrations, with the official approval, as it seems, of the Turkish Embassy itself.