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New propaganda attack: Sean Paul will be performing in stolen land in occupied Cyprus on the 7th of August 2010

It has now been confirmed: Besides Jennifer Lopez, Jamaican singer Sean Paul will also be giving a concert in occupied Cyprus. The event is scheduled for the 7th of August 2010 and already a Facebook fan page has already been set up for the event, with almost 4,000 members, titled: SEAN PAUL CONCERT in CYPRUS August 2010

According to Kelly Sheppard, who writes for a Turkish website from occupied Cyprus, the concert is:
"Organized by the Groove Organization and Maiyanna International in conjuction with DanceFM, Jasmine Court Hotel and MediaWorks Broadcasting Group this will surely be a night to remember!"
Along Sean Paul:
"there will also be additional performances from DJ Masterstepz from the UK, DJ Shadia from Dubai and Baris Pulat from [occupied] Cyprus"
Jasmine Court Hotel does NOT belong to the Turks or the Turkish Army. According to an official document of the (internationally recognized) Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the hotel's name was Jasmine Court before 1974 (now illegally renamed Jasmine Court Hotel), it was a 5-star hotel with 392 rooms and it belonged to a Greek-Cypriot! Needless to say, the rightful owner of Jasmine Hotel has been violently kicked out of his property at gunpoint.

Please read the official document here, which explains (with full references to rulings of the European Court of Human Rights) why it is illegal for Sean Paul to give a concert at the stolen property:
...It should also be reminded that, according to the United Nations Principles on Housing and Property Restitution for Refugees and Displaced Persons (the Pinheiro principles) “all refugees and displaced persons have the right to have restored to them any housing, land or property of which they were arbitrarily or unlawfully deprived..”.

Under Cyprus Law, Greek Cypriot property owners may bring legal actions before the competent Courts of the Republic against trespassers to their properties in the Turkish-occupied area, claiming damages and other legal remedies available to them under civil law. Judgments issued in favour of lawful property owners shall be recognized and enforced against property/assets of the defendants/judgment debtors in any EU member State, under the provisions of EC Regulation No.44/2001...
As with Jennifer Lopez, it is time for take action and inform Sean Paul and his team, who are probably unaware of the situation and has no clue of Turkey's aggressive and fascist policy on Cyprus.

For the time being, you can start calling the UK line for ticket purchasing (the number is provided on the aforementioned Turkish website), and start asking whether it is legal for Sean Paul to perform in a hotel that has been stolen, and also ask whether he is aware that "northern Cyprus" is actually an internationally non-recognized state, it has been condemned by UN Security Council Resolutions, it is a landmass occupied for 36 years by the Turkish army and 200,000 Greek-Cypriots are still refugees as a result of Turkey's racist policy of ethnic cleansing.

The telephone number is: +44 7766 044 550

Ask these pressing questions at Sean Paul's Facebook fan page: 

Ask the same questions at the event's official fan page 'Sean Paul Concert in Cyprus August 2010':

Groove Organisation's Facebook fan page:

And at DanceFM's e-mail:

Dear friends. Please keep in mind that Sean Paul is probably not aware of the situation in Cyprus. As with Jennifer Lopez, he is probably not aware that the hotel he is going to perform at has been stolen by its rightful owner, he doesn't know that Turkey has positioned 45,000 troops in "northern" Cyprus in order to violently stop the 200,000 Cypriot refugees to return back to their ancestral lands, he is not aware that there has been ethnic cleansing, destruction of churches and cemeteries, execution of innocent civilians, unarmed POWs and handicapped children. He is probably not aware that 800 Greek-Cypriot women have been raped. [all documentation for the above, click here]

Please be polite, courteous and respectful, foul language, insults and anger -no matter how justified they might seem to be- are the worst enemies of our noble cause for human rights, freedom and democracy.  

We will be back with more information on this campaign. 


Source: ParisStylianides, 06 July 2010
"Its Official: Sean Paul performing in occupied Cyprus!"

On the 4th of July this blog published that Sean Paul will be performing in Kyrenia, a town occupied by Turkish military troops. Now we have the confirmation

Have a look at Sean Paul's official schedule

 The official Cyprus government once more has no idea of what is going on. Some of our politicians prefer having home dinners with the political wing of the occupation force. De-recognition of the Republic of Cyprus is what Turkey is aiming for and at the same time recognition of their puppet in north Cyprus.

Source:, 04 July 2010
"New Attack - Sean Paul in occupied Cyprus"

After the continuous attacks which have as their aim to recognize the pseudo state on the North of Cyprus, we now have a new one. After Jay Lo we have Sean Paul.

Info tell us that Sean Paul will be performing on the 7th August 2010 at the Kyrenia Jasmine Court Hotel - Green Garden. A hotel which belongs to a GreekCypriot and was stolen and illegally run by thugs since the 1974 Turkish invasion.

The complete absence of any form of reaction by the Cyprus Government, once again, makes us believe that they actually passively accept these actions which strengthen the illegal regime. Let us not forget that all the proposals and actions that the Christofias government brought forward are taking us closer to the de-recognition of the Republic of Cyprus.

We have reached a critical point, where the provocations are on a daily basis and we have a government which cannot react or protect the Republic of Cyprus.

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